Imlie 14 May 2022 written update: Narmada turns against Imlie

In the beginning of the episode, Aryan says to Narmada that he has to go to Imlie. Narmada tells Aryan to wait as she can’t let him go to someone who can leave him like she left his last husband and marriage. She says to him that Imlie is a girl who could easily drop him and she doesn’t want her around him. Aryan turns towards her and says to Arpita to try and talk some sense to Narmada as he doesn’t know who he is speaking to right now. Imlie walks and thinks of what Narmada said to her, she says to be away from Aryan as she is selfish.

Narmada says to Arpita to look how Aryan is behaving, Arpita says it is because of her and she does not even realize how much she had hurt Imlie and Aryan. Narmada gets emotional, Aryan leaves the hospital while the doctor follows him and asks him to return as he is not well. Arpita and Sundar come there and ask the doctor to leave as they will handle him. Arpita asks Aryan to go inside and she will find Imlie and get to him, he asks Sundar to think and Sundar asks Arpita to let him go.

Imlie reaches a place where the clothes are dyed, Aryan holds her from falling. She hugs him and asks him if he is fine. He says to her that he is in less pain than her as she has gotten hurt by what Narmada has said to her. Imlie asks him how he knows, he says he got it when he didn’t see her in front of him. Imlie says that Narmada is right as she is at fault, as she has destroyed a house and that stain will always carry with her.

Narmada sees the news in which it shows that Imlie was getting a donor to the hospital, she says she made the mistake. Gudiya and Neela manipulate Narmada by saying that it is fake news put by Imlie on Aryan’s channel. Neela then says to Narmada that she has to get Imlie to choose between family and work. Meanwhile, Aryan says to her that for him she is perfect, she asks him why he thinks so highly of her.

He says that he has the same question as she also got the truth out of his brother-in-law and took on the people while getting the blood for home. She is about to say something, but Arpita calls Aryan. Arpita asks Aryan if he found Imlie, he says he did. Imlie says to Aryan that they have to leave for home as the family might be waiting.

Upcoming- Narmada asks Imlie to leave her job. Aryan takes Imlie’s side and says to Narmada just because Imlie is married now she doesn’t have to sacrifice her identity and he won’t let that happen. He will change his name for her but she won’t leave her job.

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