Imlie 14th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 14th March 2023 Written Update, Imlie telling Arto if they can hold each other’s hands. He teases her saying she can’t hold it. He then holds her hand and they laugh together. He laughs at her for her choice of flavour in ice cream. She says it’s her choice and she will have it. Noone can stop her. Next day Ranas leave for picnic and Imlie asks if all the arrangements are done or not. There Akash asks someone to put all the blame on Dhairya of the fraud. He learns Dhairya is on leave for his mother’s sickness. Imlie shocks him by her presence and he thinks she heard everything. She says he looks stressed and if she can help him. He says he has too much workload in office that’s why he is stressed. She thinks sometimes Rudra looks upset and sometimes Akash. There’s something wrong for sure.

On their way to Pagdandiya Imlie stops her family in midway and tells them to take ride on truck in Village style to reach the picnic spot. Divya says her beauty will be at stake why to go on truck? Rudra says Imlie made all the arrangements with lots of love so they should respect her wish. Arto flirts with Imlie saying he can’t stop staring at her. Ginni Ripu tease him seeing their romance. Imlie tells Arto to chew sugarcane and he says he doesn’t know how to eat it. She teaches him and there Imlie drives the truck. She shows the special places of village to her family where she used to play and spend time a lot. They enjoy the scenic beauty of Pagdandiya. Later Imlie tells everyone to have tea from local stall. Divya says it’s unhygienic maybe but everyone still drinks that happily. Later Arto makes Imlie sit on jhula and helps her ride on it. Ghar aa ja pardesi plays in background.

Imlie then shows her school to her family and talks to an uncle who gets happy seeing her. Imlie roams around with a smiling face and Arto makes her wear some bangles. They share a moment and later Rana’s joyfully take selfies. Imlie tells them how the village ladies take water from handpump and do a lot of struggle for living. Arto says it’s the best picnic ever. Some goons discuss with each other that they already reached Pagdandiya so they have to do something soon. Satyakam welcomes Imlie and his family. He asks about Chini and Imlie hides that she is in jail because she doesn’t want to hurt him. He says Meethi is out for work. Shivani maintains a distance from him and Imlie cheers Satyakam up. He offers lassi to Rana’s and asks if they liked it.

Divya says it’s just a normal lassi. Nothing so special in it. Ripu says then he will drink her glass too. Satyakam says he arranged guest house for them. Arto says if they are his dear ones then why can’t they stay here? Satyakam allows them. Imlie shares with Arto how her mother used to admire Satyakam and he was a great protestor. Imlie misses her father. She shows their village photos to Arto. Arto says maybe he can’t fill the gap of the her parents but he will love her a lot. Satyakam thinks Imlie should not have the same destiny like her mother.

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