Imlie 15 January 2022 written update – Arpita overcomes her phobia

In the beginning of the episode, Arpita gets trapped around fire and because of her trauma gets panicked. Narmada screams Aryan’s name for help. He runs towards her, Imlie stops him and says to him that to not do anything as she also wants to help Arpita. When Aryan doesn’t stop she uses a stick and later hits him with her elbow and makes him fall down. Arpita sees Imlie hurting Aryan and screams at her and gets over her phobia and comes out of the fire alone. Narmada and Arpita thank Imlie, and Aryan also thanks her. Narmada thinks to herself that like Imlie helped her daughter she can help her son and bring back happiness in his life.

While leaving Anu tells Malini that they can keep a watch against Imlie even after they leave the house. She tells her that she would leave her phone in Imlie’s room and if she gets any information about Aditya they would be able to hear it. Malini and Anu sneak into Imlie’s room and place the phone.

At night, Aryan comes to Imlie’s room. She asks him Why is he here? He says that he is here to tell her that she can’t be late tomorrow to the office as he won’t accept any excuses. Aryan leaves, Imlie sees the phone planted for her and plays a prank at Anu and Malini and confuses them.

In the morning, Aryan crosses Imlie’s room and hears her voice shivering and enters her room. He sees her shiver from the cold and turns the air-conditioning off. She says that she is feeling cold in her feets, he covers her feet with a blanket. He then sees the empty space of her God’s idol and thinks to himself that she gave it to Aditya even when he doesn’t deserve anything from her. Imlie after bathing, comes in front of the empty space and says to herself that she always forgets that her God is with Aditya. Narmada and Arpita come with the staff with a life size goddess idol. She thanks them, they tell her that Aryan got the gift for her. She says how it sticks to Aryan’s mind.

Aditya wakes and the earpiece rings and he picks the call. He talks to Atank who says to him that he’s ready to give him a one on one interview in person. He calls he’s associates and asks to get the coordinates of the call. Imlie reaches Tripathi house and informs them that Aditya is fine. Malini taunts her, she says to her to not feel jealous as she got the information about Aditya.

Upcoming- Imlie goes to Aryan’s office. She says to him that he knowingly sent Aditya on a dangerous mission and now wants him to stay and get more scoop on Atank. Aryan asks her if she thinks so low of him. She says that she thinks all he cares about is money.

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