Imlie 6 April 2021 Written Update – A shocker for Malini

At the beginning of the episode, Nishant and Rupali Dhruv and Nidhi make a bet. They bet that Anu can’t stay silent. Aparna comes and asks them not to these things. They look on. They explain that they are betting on Anu. Tripathi comes and asks them to bet. Aparna and Radha ask him not to make fun of her. Everyone laughs on her. Malini comes there. Everyone compliments Malini and Aditya. Imlie comes there. Malini gets Happy. Aditya taunts Malini for her mother. Malini looks on. Malini asks Aditya to go. Aparna gives a gift to Malini to give it to Anu. Malini takes it.

Malini and Aditya is in the pooja ceremony. Dev looks at Imlie. Anu notices Dev. Anu asks Dev to focus on Malini and taunts him. Dadi asks Malini to show her hand to the astrologer. Anu said that this is all fake. The astrologer sees Malini’s hand. The astrologer sees Aditya’s hand too. The astrologer said that Aditya fate says that he will do two marriages. Malini gets shocked. Malini gets upset to hear this. Anu asks her not to believe in him. Imlie told everyone that is not true. The astrologer is saying lie to everyone. Malini looks on.

Malini is upset with Aditya’s behavior. Imlie recalls her marriage with Aditya. Imlie gets tensed. Everyone is in the dining table. Imlie thinks that Anu doesn’t like her. Imlie is in the kitchen. Malini looks for Imlie. Aditya comes in the kitchen and gets angry on Imlie. Aditya starts eating with Imlie. Imlie asks him not to do this. Aditya is eating on the floor. Malini comes and gets shocked to see him like this. Malini asks Imlie to come there. Malini taunts Imlie. Malini becomes rude ro Imlie after seeing that Aditya takes care of Imlie too much. Malini asjs Imlie to come there. Malini said that Aditya becomes more serious to Imlie From when she saves him.

Aditya taunts Malini for Anu’s behavior. Malini told Aditya that he is not talking to her. Malini is upset and starts crying. Aditya becomes restless. Aditya sees Dev talking to Mithi. He wants to go there, but he thinks that another truth will also be revealed. Aditya looks on. Malini asks Aditya to come with her. Malini complains to Aditya about not talking to her. Malini explains that Aditya doesn’t love her anymore. Aditya looks on. Imlie comes there with a glass. Malini asks her to knock the door. Imlie gets hurt. Malini becomes rude to Imlie. Imlie closes the door and leaves. Aditya looks on.


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