Imlie written update 22 July 2021 Aparna locked Aditya in the room.

At the beginning of the episode, Malini is worried about Kunal and thinks that is why he is waiting for Kunal to call. Malini says that why will he call her. Kunal says that why didn’t he delete her number. Malini is tensed about Kunal and said that she has to call her, where Kunal also calls Malini. Kunal calls Malini and Apologize to her. Malini gets happy and also apologizes to him. Malini says that she shouldn’t go there but the situation is now right that time. Kunal told Malini that her last session is tomorrow. Malini gets tensed and said that no one can handle the situation like him. Malini tries to call Aditya to inform them about the session, but Aditya is busy with Imlie and didn’t pick the call.

Rupali feeds Imlie and Aditya and blessed them to perform well. The lady told her daughter-in-law to perform her best and asks her to remember all the steps. Aparna and everyone come inside the competition where Anu taunts Aparna that why didn’t she wishes her daughter law. Anu says that she didn’t do good with her daughter. Aparna says that she can’t say anything and said that she is feeling ashamed that she can’t do anything to save Malini. Anu asks Aparna to do something to prove that she is on Malini’s side. Aparna looks on. Rupali asks Imlie not to worry.

The hosts announce that this is a couples round where everyone has to perform and show their bonding. Everyone starts performing well in the competition.
Malini comes to Tripathi’s house where she tried to call Aditya and thinks that she can’t leave her session. Sundar told Malini about the competition.


Aditya asks Imlie about the anklets bells. Imlie says that she can’t dance without them. Aparna looks on. Aditya comes into the house to take the anklets bells, where Malini asks Aditya that where he was and asks him to come with her. Aditya says that he has to dance with Imlie so that he can support Imlie. Aditya asks Malini to wait for him.

Aparna locks Aditya in the room where Aparna asks Radha that she is doing good or not. Radha says that they don’t have any other option. Aparna looks on.

Everyone is waiting for Aditya to come where Sundar told them that Aditya is with Malini. Aditya shouts for help to open the door. Imlie thinks that where he is and why didn’t he come. Aditya asks for help but no one is there in the house to open the door. The other daughter in laws taunts Imlie that her husband leaves her. Pallavi stands for Imlie and said that she should give her doctor’s number. Rupali also Stand for Imlie.

The host said that he will disqualify Imlie. Nishant asks for two minutes where Sundar goes to check Aditya. Anu says that the rule is a rule and everyone has to follow it. Imlie looks on.


Anu says to Imlie that she performed but she can’t win without her husband. Imlie looks on. Aditya Apologize to Imlie for being late and said that she lose because of him.

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