Imlie written update 23 July 2021 Aditya accused Malini

At the beginning of the episode, Anu says that she will get disqualified. Anu says that her husband doesn’t want to come with her. Aparna looks on. Malini is thinking about Aditya and said that why she is doing so much for Aditya and start leaving from there. Kunal calls her and asks why she is there.

Sundar opens the door, where Aditya runs from there. Imlie starts performing on the stage alone. Everyone gets happy to see Imlie. Imlie completes her performance where everyone claps for her. Anu and Aparna look on.

Malini is hurt and said that Aditya didn’t respond to her and said that she will not waste her time on Aditya. Aditya misunderstood Malini and said that was why she locked her in the room.

Aditya reaches the competition where Pallavi asks where he was. The hosts praised Imlie where Anu asks Imlie to leave the stage. Imlie says that if her husband isn’t there that doesn’t mean that her husband is not there. The other judges ask Imlie that she is disqualified. Aditya Apologize to Imlie for losing the competition. Imlie asks him not to worry.

Anu sees Malini and asks why she is there. Malini says to Anu that why she is interfering in their lives. Aditya blames Malini for locking him in the room and said that she is looking like her mother today. Malini looks on. Anu asks Malini to come.

The lady taunts Aparna for Imlie and makes fun of Imlie. Radha says that she did well with Aditya. Aparna says that she thinks that Aditya will understand. Nishant and everyone heard Everything and get Shocked. Aditya says that he never thought of this. Aparna says that she feels the same when she got betrayed by him. Aparna says that she loves him but she has to betrayed her son today because of Imlie and said that she can do anything for her family. Imlie says that she also feels the same. Imlie says that she did everything for her. Aditya says that Imlie is doing everything for her and said that she wants to win her heart. Aparna says that Imlie can’t make space in her heart. Imlie looks on.


Aditya feels guilty for accusing Malini and said that he did wrong to Malini. Imlie asks him to go and Apologize. Anu says ill about Imlie and said that why she has a soft corner for them. Anu says that why she is defending them when they don’t respect her. Anu gets angry at Aditya and Imlie. Anu says that Imlie didn’t accept her father then how could she accept her as a sister. Aditya Apologize to Malini. Malini leaves from there.

Imlie thinks that no one is happy for her and thinks that Malini gets upset because of her. Aditya Apologize to Malini and said to Imlie that she didn’t receive the call and ignores her messages. Imlie says that she will talk to her in college. Aditya says that Malini is hurt and this is the first time when Malini doesn’t respond. Malini feels bad for herself and thinks that Aditya didn’t think about her.


Imlie asks Aditya that Aparna has to participate with her in the next round. Aparna thinks that she will come to make her lose.

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