Ishk Par Zor Nahi 17 June 2021 Spoiler -Ishqi found Dadi

In the upcoming episodes, Aahan says if anything will happen to Dadi, then he will also kill himself. Ishqi found Dadi. Dadi is walking on the road, a vehicle is arriving from the other end and Dadi is moving towards that vehicle.

Will Ishqi be able to save Dadi?

Up till now
In the previous episode we saw that, Aahan stopped Ishqi and he proposed her for marriage. Ishqi asked how she can trust him again? Aahan said he will never leave her alone and he tear down Ishqi’s tickets. Ishqi asked what about Riya? Aahan said he don’t love Riya so he can’t marry her. Chachi asked Dadi to allow Aahan to marry Ishqi and requested Dadi to give a chance to Ishqi. Aahan and Ishqi shared romantic moment together. Dadi called Aahan and said she will kill herself. Riya’s mother shouted at Riya for getting pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. Aahan and Ishqi went to different places to find Dadi. Everyone started finding Dadi. Ishqi said if due to her, Aahan’s family will get broke then she will not marry Aahan.


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