Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13 February 2021 Written Update – A stranger is trying to trouble Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Vansh was seating on the sofa Suddenly Riddhima came wearing black formals like Vansh and started copying Vansh. After a few time, Vansh started opening his shirt buttons and asked Riddhima that why you stopped copying me? Vansh expressed his feelings towards Riddhima and she was requesting Vansh to accept our child and make space in your heart for the unborn child but Vansh went off from there without saying anything.

Sia gave a surprise to Vansh and Riddhima by gifting them a baby swing. Riddhima was also having a surprise for Vansh. She took out a small baby made of silicon through which they can practice handling a small baby. In the middle of the night, Riddhima woke up and heard a wired sound. She noticed that the baby Swing which was gifted by Sia was missing from the room. Riddhima came down and saw the main gate was opened, she closed the gate. Riddhima saw that baby swing over there and was feeling weird about it.

Riddhima saw a shadow and then she found Angre but she didn’t reveal anything to him. Riddhima called Vansh and asked him where he is as today we have to go for the ultrasound. Vansh told her to wait for a few minutes I would be there. Riddhima thought that like this Vansh would start loving his unborn child. Vansh was feeling irritated and not wanting any child for a while.

Riddhima reached the hospital. A man in a red hoddie removed the stone which was placed in front before the tires of a loading tempo. Slowly that tempo was moving towards Riddhima but moved aside before that could hit her. Vansh was also driving his car and thinking about Riddhima’s unborn child. Vansh was also about to collapse with the other vehicle but at the end moment, he turned the steering and saved himself.

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