Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8 April 2021 Written Update – Riddhima fools Vansh

At the beginning of the episode, dadi asks Riddhima to stay away from Siya. Riddhima says but what I did wrong. Dadi asks Vansh to let Riddhima not meet Siya. She then leaves. Riddhima looks on. Ishani is waiting for Angre. He comes to her. She asks where you went. She asks are you okay. Angre winches in pain. Ishani notices his injured leg and asks him to sit. He says Ishani I am fine. She says I can see how okay you are. She says I know that you went for Vansh’s work. Angre asks her to calm down. She says I can’t. She adds Vansh is using you like a toy but today I will teach him a lesson. Riddhima on the other says to Vansh that I really didn’t did anything wrong to Siya, trust me.

Ishani comes to Vansh in a huff. She shows him the blood of Angre saying because of you my husband got this injury. She scolds him in anger. Vansh looks sad. Ishani leaves after yelling him. She even says before leaving that do not use my husband as your bulletproof jacket. She goes from there. Vansh punches the wall. Riddhima gets shocked. She holds his hand asking are you okay. He shouts at her saying no I am not okay and because of you I am not okay. He asks her to tell him what happened in those six hours.

Riddhima says I do not want to tell you. Vansh gets angry and leaves the room. Riddhima says I really want to end this deal. I also do not want to hurt. I will end this deal soon and then I will tell you everything Vansh. In the morning Vansh goes to Ishani. He knocks his door and asks her where is Angre. She says that he is sleeping. Angre gets up. He goes to meet Vansh and asks what happened boss. Vansh asks him to give him the location of that cottage. He sends it to him. He says I will come with you too. Ishani asks him not to leave. She adds you need rest.

Vansh says Ishani is right. I will go by myself, you take a rest. He leaves then only he collides with Kiara. She wants to tell him something but Vansh gets a call and leaves in hurry. There Riddhima meets Kabir. Both starts taunting each other. Kabir says Vash won’t leave you Riddhima. She says you need not to care about me. I will handle my relationship by myself. Kabir laughs. Riddhima asks the guard to sift Kabir from here. He nods. But Kabir pushes them and locks himself. Riddhima asks him to open the door. There Ishani and Aryan think to take Vansh’s crown. Aryan says we need just one piece of evidence against them and after that, we can successfully end the story of Vansh and Riddhima. Ishani nods. Vansh enters the cottage but finds no one there. Riddhima recalls how she has taken away Kabir from their cottage. Episode end.

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