Kumkum Bhagaya written update 20 July 2021 Ranbir sees Siddharth

At the beginning of the episode, While, Prachi is doing her best to Find Rhea, Rhea and Siddharth are running away from Jack and Jenny, the drug dealers. Prachi ask a woman about Rhea by showing her the photo of Rhea. She tells her that she has seen Her there just a few minutes ago. Ranbir calls Prachi and tells her that Siddharth is in big problem and he has run away from the hotel and police is also behind him. He ask her to come to police station as police is taking him there. Prachi tells him that she got a clue about Rhea so she will come later.

Ranbir tells her that right now Siddharth is more important to them and they can find about Rhea tomorrow. At the police station Ranbir ask police that what Siddharth has done and why they are behind him? Police tells him that he is a drug dealer and ask him to stay there until they don’t find his brother. They are not letting him go. Then Prachi arrives there. Ranbir ask her to not tell the police that she is his wife. He tells her everything that police thinks he is a drug dealer and a girl is also with him.

Prachi overhears the two police constable talking about the address of the girl with Ranbir. Then She send that address to the Ranbir. A husband and wife came at the police station and starts fighting there and at that Time Ranbir and Prachi runs away from there. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Rhea were thinking how to get rid of jack and Jenny and also the police. Siddharth tells her that should do the fake marriage. Rhea refuses to do this. He ask her to take help from her family but she says she can’t.


Siddharth tells her that if he wouldn’t have lost his phone then can ask his brother to come here for their help. Jack and Jenny reaches at that address, Siddharth sees them and they both run away from there. Bob is standing outside that flat and sees them and informs jack. Ranbir and Prachi also sees Siddharth and goes behind them. Jack and Jenny are following them too. A police constable sees them Running and informs at the police station. Siddharth and Rhea arrives at the wedding destination. There jack and Jenny also arrives and they are talking about to kill Siddharth if he will not return his drugs to him. Ranbir and Prachi overhears them and gets worried for Siddharth.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Rhea and Siddharth both get married to each other and return to their house. Pallavi ask Siddharth to leave this house when she sees him that he got married. But when she sees Rhea’s face she is shocked.

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