Kumkum Bhagaya written update 22 July 2021 A debate between Sushma and Abhi

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi tells Sushma that no one can separate him from Pragya and he loves her so much. Sushma tells him that she is happy without him amd ask him to go to a psychiatrist for the check up of his brain. Abhi says that he knows she cares for Pragya but who is she to ask him to stay away from Pragya? Sushma says that she is her mother. Abhi says then I’m her husband and he don’t need to tell her the rights of a husband. Sushma tells him that there is no use of talking to him and goes away from there

Meanwhile, the bride amd groom tells their family that they are helping Rhea and Siddharth. Later, Ranbir gets angry on Siddharth because he married to Rhea. Siddharth tells him that now he gets married to her and he will live happily with her because she is a nice girl just like Prachi. Ranbir tells him that Rhea is the sister of Prachi. Siddharth says then whatever happened to him good because he always wanted to marry a girl like Prachi. Ranbir tells him that when he got married to Prachi against the will of Pallavi then Pallavi cuts all her ties with him and let him out of the house.

Siddharth says that now Pallavi will does the same with him. Ranbir says that’s why he is tensed. Siddharth says that he and Prachi should go with him because Prachi is the sister of Rhea and she will handle the situation. Ranbir tells her that Rhea and Prachi are not on talking terms from the past two years. Siddharth says that he will tell Pallavi that he loves Rhea so much. Ranbir says nothing will happen by saying this because his mother knows very well that he loves Prachi still she let him out of the house.


Then Siddharth insist Ranbir to go with him at the house. Later, Pragya calls Gautam Thapar and ask him That whether the Mehra mansion disputed or no she want all the answers because she has bought this property from him and ask him to meet her tomorrow at the office at 11am sharp. Gautam thinks that he is not able to get angry on Pragya and he thinks that he likes her. On the other hand Pragya recalls her memory with Abhi and cries. She thinks that how stupid she was in the past as she trusted Abhi. She says that now she will show him that she is not the same Pragya.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Abhi beats Gautam Thapar. He tells Pragya that he is not a good man and this place is also not safe for her. Pragya ask him to stop. He ask him that who is he to tell her whom should she meet and where should she go?

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