Kumkum bhagya 12 June 2021 Written Update -Abhi gets married to Tanu

Kumkum bhagya is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi greets Judge. Judge says he is attending this wedding for Tanu. He tells If this marriage didn’t happen, Tanu would not have got justice and you would have gone to jail. Alia says we shouldn’t talk about this right now. Ranbir arrives at the farmhouse with drunk Pradeep. When Pragya says to Ranbeer to bring Pradeep before the judge once he gets sober, Alia advices that they should focus on her and Abhi’s wedding first. Then She receives a call from someone who brings the unconscious Tanu to their house.

She puts Tanu in Rhea’s room. Pragya clicks the picture of unconscious Tanu and send It to Abhi to calm him down. Pragya leaves to get ready for the wedding. Mr. Singhania goes to Tanu’s house and he finds that the door is open. He tries to call Tanu but her phone is not reachable and Abhi is not picking up his call. When he goes inside he sees the injection and suspects that something is wrong. Soon, the bride arrives at the mandap and the wedding begins.

When Mr. Singhania comes he greets the judge and insist on seeing Tanu’s face, but Alia manages the situation. Soon after the wedding ceremony is complete, everyone congratulate them. They take the blessings of Pandit ji. Judge also congratulate them and about to leave but Abhi stops him and says let me introduce you with my wife. The overjoyed Abhi lifts the veil of the bride and is shocked to see Tanu. Then Tanu Winks at Alia and Mitali laughs. Alia helps Tanu in all this plan. When Alia and Rhea locks Tanu in cupboard, Alia ask Rhea to go and she will come in a while.

Then Alia wakes up Tanu and helps her. She tells her That Pragya is going to marry Abhi. Tanu says she won’t let that happen. Then Alia gives chlorophyll to a man ask him to made Pragya unconscious. She betrayed Abhi and Pragya for property shares and buisness as promised by Tanu. Mitali is also supporting them for the same purpose. Then Tanu goes to sign papers with Mr. Singhania. Abhi ask Alia where is Pragya. He says she is with her and helping her in getting ready then did this happened? Alia tells him that she has no clue what happened with Pragya.

Then Abhi goes to Pragya’s room and knocks the door. the unconscious Pragya Wakes up and opens the door. Abhi says that he is waiting for her at the mandap. He tells her that he got married with Tanu. Pragya tells him that someone had come to her room and made her fall unconscious. Abhi begins to blame Pragya, She ask Abhi to calm down. Abhi says now Tanu will destroy my life in front of me and I’m not able to do anything. Pragya says we are not failed yet. Then she goes to Pradeep and begs him to reveal the truth of Tanu in front of judge.

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