Kumkum bhagya 14 June 2021 Written Update – Pradeep supports Tanu

Kumkum bhagya is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Pradeep agrees to expose Tanu. He says to Pragya that I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Pragya tells him to confess everything in front of judge. Then Pragya collects everyone. They ask her where is she? Pragya says let it be and now she is fine. Pragya shouts at Tanu and says she don’t deserve this marriage and now she can’t tolerate any of her lies. Tanu says Pragya is playing game with her and wanted to marry Abhi in place of her. Abhi says he asked her to do so.

Tanu says to Rhea that she will try to be the best mom for her. Pragya says she is her mother and she is alive. Tanu says why can’t everyone see that Pragya thinks only of herself and Prachi. Pragya ask Alia to connect the video call to judge. Pragya says to judge that Nothing has happened to Tanu so what is she getting justice for? She says that Tanu has done injustice to Abhi. Pragya says that she has the confession video of Tanu in which she is confessing that she has falsely accused Abhi to get married to him.

Then she plays that video but that video is not complete. While Tanu is going to mandap Mitali told Her that in Abhi’s pocket there is Pragya’s phone in which her confession is recorded. So during the wedding ceremony Tanu edited that video. Then Tanu says to judge that is lying and trying to break her marriage. Judge gives the warning to Pragya. She ask 5 more minutes from him. Then Pradeep arrives. Pragya Introduces Pradeep to the judge and says he is the husband of Tanu. She says that Tanu has also cheated him and She married her husband even though she was married.


That’s why Pradeep is here to help them. Tanu shouts at Pradeep but Pragya ask her to stop. Then Judge ask Pradeep do he knows Tanu. He says yes and she has cheated on him. He says he demands money from Tanu but she never gave him. He supports Tanu by saying that she is not a bad girl and she is her sister in law. He asked money from her after her brother had died. Then Tanu also shows her marriage certificate and wedding pictures. She says she was married but her husband had died.

Now she is married to Abhi. Everyone is shocked when Pradeep changes his statement. Then Judge says that now legal actions will be taken if anyone threatens Tanu and ask Abhi to take care of her. Abhi blames Pragya for everything. He says for the first he is feeling that he has done a huge mistake by trusting her. Tanu ask Pragya to leave the house. Pragya says she will not go anywhere until Rhea gets married.

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