Kumkum bhagya 16 April 2021 Written Update – Aliya blames Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, Aliya calls Tanu an ugly woman. Aliya says that this woman likes to change her husband. She wanted to marry my brother but because he said no to her. So now she wants to take revenge. She tries to make Tanu out of her house but the police ask her to leave her hand or else he will put her in jail. Abhi says only Tanu deserves such a place. As she is trying to play with life. Pragya takes Tanu aside while Dadi says that her son can’t rape anyone. Police say we have evidence against him. Abhi asks what kind of evidence.

Police says he can’t tell him. While Pragya asks Tanu to stop lying to the police as you will not get Abhi by doing such drama. Tanu says I don’t want him. I just want my revenge. Pragya tells the police that Tanu is lying to them and doing such drama because she wants revenge from her husband. While media comes to Mehra house. Police asks the constable to lock the door. Police then put handcuffs on Abhi’s hand. Pragya tries to stop them. While Abhi asks her not to worry. He will come soon. Pragya looks on.

Prachi comes to her house along with Ranbir. Sarita asks Ranbir to sit for a while. He refuses. He says that he needs to go to his house as his mom and dad will be waiting for him. Sarita finds his behavior strange. He leaves from there. Sarita wants to ask something to Prachi. But she leaves too without saying anything to her. Sarita wonders what is happening here. Police arrest Abhi. They are about to leave but the media enters in there. They start questioning Abhi and Tanu. Tanu tries to gain sympathy. Pragya says that she is lying while reports are ignoring her.

Abhi leaves with the police. Aliya asks Tanu why she did it. Tanu says you broke my trust so I did the same with you. Pragya says she will make her husband out of the jail. Tanu smirks and says we will see. Pragya runs towards Abhi. She asks police to leave her husband. But they doesn’t hear her and leaves. Pragya asks Tanu to take back this complaint by folding her hands. Tanu Leaves. While Aliya starts blaming Pragya for Abhi’s condition. Episode end.

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