Kumkum bhagya 19 April 2021 Written Update – fake love of Tanu!

At the beginning of the episode, Tanu gets a call from her friend who asks her if she is okay. She asks Tanu not cry as she will help her. Tanu is standing silent. Her friends ask Tanu why she is not saying anything. Tanu laughs. Netra stands amazed. Tanu tells her that Abhi didn’t did anything wrong to her. He loves Pragya a lot and can never think about another woman. She asks her to come to her. They will stay together and will have some fun. Tanu then hangup the call. She says that once Abhi left her because of Pragya. And today she will take her revenge from Abhi. She laughs out loud. On the other hand, Aliya asks Pragya to go from her as Tanu will leave Abhi if you goes from there. Pragya looks on. Dadi asks Pragya to stay here only. But she leaves the house. Dadi gets angry on Ailya.

She says to her that you promised Abhi that would never ever think to harm Pragya. But still you are harming her. Aliya says that I know you are not feeling well and I too feeling sad that has gone. But trust me I did it only for Abhi’s goodness. Dadi rebukes her upon it. Aliya leaves from there. Mitali find her words true. There, at the house Sarita, Prachi is roaming here and there. Sarita asks her what is going on. Prachi says nothing. Sarita adds that she thinks that Ranbir loves her a lot. And care for her too. Prachi denies her words. That is when Pragya arrives there. Sarita and Prachi are shocked to see her. Tanu says that only she love Abhi. She knows that she did wrong with him. But to get him she is doing it. Before that she left Abhi because of my dream. But I am not that old Tanu. Now I will not leave him. I will get him by hook or by crook. And soon I will get marry to him.

Then police calls Tanu and asks her to come to the police station. She says that she is going to come soon. Riya is shocked to she that Abhi is in because of Riya. She goes to Aliya to get some help. While Pragya tells Prachi that how Aliya asked her to leave her house. Prachi thinks to give answers to Aliya in her own way. But Pragya stops her saying do not forget your sanskar. Sarita mocks Pragya on that. Prachi and Pragya stand shocked hearing her mocking tone. Then Pragya decides to take back her rights from Aliya.

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