Kumkum bhagya 4 May 2021 Spoiler -Tanu get to know about the evidence

Kumkum bhagya is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama. In the previous episode, we see that, Shahana asks her what are you doing and says I’m feeling so hungry. Prachi says I’m making porampoli for maa so that her mood gets better. Shahana says You have flour on your face and you are looking cute, if Ranbir is here he would have hugged you. Then the door bell rangs and Prachi opens the door and Ranbir is there. She ask him what are you doing here. He says I want to discuss something with your mom. She was going behind him and falls in his arms and they both share a romantic moment. After this Ranbir says to Pragya that we have to do anything to get chief out of the jail. If you need any help please tell me. Then he gives her the certificate and says he takes this from the doctor of chief who says that Chief’s mental state is not normal he is behaving like a kid when tanu says that abhi raped her. She says I want to tell you something more that by chance I don’t know how but I have the confession of Tanu in which she is saying that she is doing all this to take revenge from us is recorded. Pragya says now we have the most solid evidence. She says I don’t want that Tanu get to know that we have proof against her otherwise she will do something and because of which the date of hearing can be extended. Pragya says I’ll make her prove guilty and she will go to jail. Pragya and Ranbir goes to their lawyer and tell him about the evidence. He says that this is a solid evidence and he will handle everything. Abhi’s grandmother, Alia and Mitali bhabhi is waiting for Pragya outside the court. Then Pragya comes and says to Abhi’s grandmother that you don’t have to worry we have solid evidence against Tanu and truth always wins. She says I trust you Pragya.

In the next episode we will see that, Tanu says to Pragya that she knows that Pragya’s lawyer has the confession of Tanu so she got him killed. Tanu tells Abhi that now Pragya now don’t have my confession.

What will Pragya do now? How will she save Abhi?

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