Kumkum bhagya 4 May 2021 Written Update – Tanu gets to know about evidence

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi comes to the court and meets her grandmother and Pragya and tell them don’t worry. His grandmother says that Pragya will do anything to get you out of the jail. Pragya says to Abhi that I have a confession of Tanu in which she is saying that she is doing all this to take revenge from us. After this Tanu is trying to provoke Alia but Pragya comes and says stop this drama. She says to Alia that don’t create a scene here and if you slap her then she will create a scene and says that we are torturing her.

Pragya says it’s your time you can laugh as much as you want when you go to jail then we will smile. She says I’ll spoil your every plan against Abhi. Alia says to Pragya that she has checked the record of judge he delivers the judgement mostly in the first hearing and says I just hope everything will go alright. Judge enters the courtroom but Pragya’s lawyer is not there. Alia ask Pragya where is your lawyer. Judge ask that where is the lawyer for defence then Pragya says he is coming.

Tanu’s lawyer says to judge that we should not waste the time of court and should start the proceedings. To which judge agrees. The lawyer narrates all his client’s side story and says I want that justice to be delivered to my client Tanu. And the punishment should be given to Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya gets emotional and says that Abhi is a very nice man, Tanu is lying. Then the Judge says we will take a break for 5 minutes and if your lawyer still not come then we will start the proceedings against Abhi.

Alia ask Tanu that where is your lawyer. She says I’m trying to find out maybe he is stuck somewhere. Alia says today there is nothing more important than this hearing. Pragya says this is not the time to fight with each other. While everyone is waiting for The lawyer Prachi feels jealous when she sees Rhea and Ranbir together. When Abhi sees them he think that Rhea is so lucky to have Ranbir. Prachi goes to Abhi to console him and says don’t worry. Maa will surely get you out of this as When she decides to do something, then she will definitely complete it.

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