Kumkum bhagya 5 April 2021 Written Update – Ranbir asks Pragya to ruin the marriage

At the beginning of the episode, Ranbir stops the car in front of Prachi’s house. He asks her to get out. She leaves the car. Ranbir asks her to stop and ask her if she wants to say something. Prachi turns. Ranbir thinks that she will confess her love. But she congratulates her for his engagement. Ranbir says thank you and leaves. Prachi stands unhappy. On the other hand, Tanu is thinking about the madness of Abhi. She thinks about how can she marry a crazy man. She becomes so nervous. She then says that Abhi will get fine soon so she should not need to get married. Aliya comes to her and gives her wedding outfit.

She says Abhi is ready to get married to her. She says she has given chocolates to Abhi and that’s how he gets ready for this marriage. Tanu smirks and says let me get ready. There, Mitali asks servant to do their work properly and then calls Pragya. She asks her to come to Mehra house. Pragya says okay and asks the taxi driver to take a turn. On the other hand, dadi asks Aliya to stop this marriage as he is already married. Aliya says and his wife Pragya is worthless to she wants him to get married again. Dadi disagrees with it. Aliya says if you dare to spoil my plan then I will make you and Abhi to leave this house. Dadi gets upset and goes from there. Pallavi arrives there and greets Aliya. Vikram says he doesn’t feel that this is fine.

Pallavi asks him to stop spouting nonsense. Later Pragya comes there and tries to stop the marriage but Aliya asks her to stay out of this matter or else she will make her leave. Pragya gets away from there. Ranbir comes there and asks Riya to stop this marriage. Riya nods in no. On the other hand, Pragya is thinking about what should she do to stop this marriage. Then Ranbir comes there and asks her to stop this marriage. She says what can I do. He says only you can stop this marriage Pragya aunt.

Pragya stands shocked hearing her name from his mouth. She opens her veil and asks him when did he find out that she is Pragya. He says I saw your jewellery at first then I saw your face your face when you save chief on my engagement day. Pragya says okay. They then plan to ruin the mandap to stop this marriage. Pragya agrees with it. Later they go outside and Pragya throws water and Ranbir to masses things up. Aliya stands shocked. Pandit says he can’t perform the marriage mantra now. Aliya fumes in anger.

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