Kundali bhagya 12 February 2021 Written Update – Will Preeta meet Karan?

At the beginning of the episode, Kritika asks Kareena why she is packing her bag. Kareena says you leave from here for a few days. Kritika says there is no need. She wants to be with them. Kareena asks Rakhi to explain to Kritika that it is better for her to leave from here. Rakhi says that this house has given her both happiness and sorrow. So she should go from here so that she can forget her pain. Kritika says okay. Kareena asks Sameer to drop Kritika at the airport. He asks but where is Kritika going. She says her uncle’s house. He says why. Kareena does not answer him. Kritika goes with Sameer. Rakhi says she will also go to drop Kritika. Kareena consults. Kareena cries. She says that Kritika is going away from her today due to Preeta. She needs to send Kritika to her in-laws, she didn’t even talk to them but because or Preeta, she takes their favour. She thinks of taking revenge on Preeta.

There Preeta remembers how Karan gave her a rose. She is sad. Srishti gets upset seeing Preeta. She asks if she will drink tea. Preeta says yes. She says Preeta is very sad but is not telling. And she is confident that Karan will not mind Preeta’s absence. Girsh wakes up to Karan. He thinks Preeta is here. Girish says Preeta is not here. Karan says fine then don’t take his name. While Girish says he loves Preeta very much, he should bring Preeta back. Karan says don’t you give me spades. There Preeta is setting up Srishti’s wardrobe. Srishti comes, she thinks Preeta is angry, Preeta gets irritated seeing her. She scolds her. Preeta realizes later that she has done wrong. She hugs her. While Srishti asks her to talk to Karan.

When Preeta calls him, he teases Preeta. He says he has packed her stuff. And hangs up the phone. Preeta gets angry. She calls him back and says she will come to take her luggage. Karan is having breakfast next. Sameer says that his happiness is also gone with Preeta. Karan goes furious and leaves from there. Dadi says Preeta has taken away her happiness from them. Sarla asks Preeta to eat food but she is not able to gulp the food. She leaves and cries. Karan is also very upset. Preeta cries at night. Srishti wants to console her. But Preeta pretends that she is in deep sleep. Preeta further asks Srishti why the window of her room is locked. Srishti tells her that Sarla is locked up. Sarla comes into the room. She asks Preeta how she is and whether she thinks her decision wrong. Preeta says no.

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