Kundali bhagya 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Srishti reveals shocking truth

In the upcoming episode. Preeta and Rakhi will feel good seeing Karan in front of them. Srishti will go to them and tries to tell them something but looks sacred. Then Karan will tell them that he has not been bailed out. Preeta will get confused. Srishti will tell them that she and Sameer helped Karan break out of jail. Rakhi and Preeta stands shocked.

Up till now, Rakhi wanna go with Sherlyn to Dr. But Sherlyn says that she will go with Sanjana. Prithvi leaves after Sherlyn goes out and Pammi notice all this. She calls Rishabh and asks him to call Sherlyn so that he can see where is his wife. Kritika arrives at Dr house. On the other hand Srishti and Sameer tries to meet Karan. They sneak inside. Police scolds them. Srishti gets angry. She leaves. And Preeta tells Rakhi that Karan has siffed to the other jail.

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