Kundali bhagya 12 June 2021 Written Update -Karan wants to surrender

Zee Tv’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Srishti informs that she was following Karan and saw that he was running behind a thief. Then he met an accident and lost his senses. So they took him here. Sameer says he blackmailed her and thus she brought him here. Karan thinks that he should go to police station. Preeta agrees with it. But Rakhi asks him to stay here only, as for what Srishti did was right and he should not leave Luthra house.

She orders Srishti to take away Preeta’s phone. She mumbles fine leaves after taking Preeta’s phone. Preeta hugs Karan and asserts that she doesn’t want to leave Karan. She wants to be with him. He adds that he also wanna stay with her. On the other hand, Deepali asks Kritika if she is fine. She replies yes.

Then she finds out that Sherlyn is Deepali’s patient and Deepali also tells her that Sherlyn’s husband is with him too. She gets happy thinking that her brother came back from abroad. While Prithvi is talking to Megha and his phone gets off.

He gets happy that her phone is off now and He needs not talk to Megha. There, Preeta wanna know if Karan will stay with her. He says he can not. Preeta looks sad. He says if she will stop her then he will stay here. But Preeta says according to her, he should go to the police and surrender himself. He hugs Preeta and confesses that he loves her a lot. He adds that he used to loathe her but now He can’t be without her.

Srishti tries to explain to Luthra’s that they have to do something as police will come here soon. So they have to draw a plan and work accordingly. All nod in yes. Someone knocks on the door. There Karan and Preeta share romantic moment.

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