Kundali bhagya 13 June 2021 Weekly Written Update

Kundali Bhagya is a Hindi romantic TV show where Karan forgets his friendship and love with Preeta after she fails to stop Rishabh’s marriage with Sherlyn. He holds her responsible for all the troubles his family faced due to this. He marries Preeta to take revenge and later decides to marry Mahira to hurt her even more. Fate, however, has other plans for them.

This week we saw that Srishti and Sameer came to Sherlyn’s room and tried to find evidence against her. On other hand, Ruchika told Megha that she has nothing to fear. Because she is with her. She assured her that she will handle Sherlyn. She further suggested she take the money from Sherlyn as soon as possible. Another side, a terrified Sherlyn went to Prithvi and told her that someone is blackmailing her.

Prithvi wanted to know who is blackmailing her now. Sherlyn informed him that Akshay’s wife Megha is threatening her and she also knows all about their secret. She told that there is also evidence on her phone. Prithvi told her not to worry as he will destroy the evidence. Later Srishti advised Mahira that she should not believe Sherlyn as Sherlyn is also playing games with her. Mahira was shocked. She wondered if Srishti is telling her the truth. Further, when Sherlyn came to her room and Mahira inquired her if she is making any plans against her. Mahira warned her not to try to double-cross her.

Sherlyn smiled and announced she will never improve and will handle Mahira too. There Prithvi came to Megha’s house and got her phone as well and told this thing to Sherlyn. Srishti and Sameer tried to get some evidence. Preeta dreamed that because of her pregnant Sherlyn falls to the ground. There, at the behest of Prithvi, scared Megha is about to delete the video. However, Ruchika struck Prithvi and he faints. Later, Srishti found an envelope and gave it to Preeta. Further Preeta was reading it and it is written that she/he knows the truth about Sherlyn being pregnant.


Then Preeta received a call and got to know that Karan has been shifted to another jail. She thought that she should talk to Megha alone. While Megha and Ruchika threaten Prithvi and said we know he is here because of Sherlyn. they said we will give you 24 hours to give us 70 lakh rupees if you want that phone to remove the evidence. Megha said don’t you dare to come here again. Meanwhile, Sherlyn thought something is wrong. Later Prithvi informed her about Megha’s demand. Sherlyn said from where we will arrange 70 lakh rupees. Prithvi said don’t worry I’ll handle everything.

Sarla went to meet Karan in jail. Preeta was also with her. Sarla met an officer and says to him that she wants to meet Karan. Officer asked her to leave. Sarla stood adamants and demands to let her meet Karan. Officer got angry and asked Preeta to take her mother from here. Preeta tried to calm him down and asked Sarla to come with her. While Rakhi asked Sherlyn why she looks so low. She said that she is not feeling well. Rakhi asked Sherlyn to meet Dr Deepali. Sherlyn wanted to go with Prithvi. While Kritika went meet her friend Deepali.

Rakhi wanna go with Sherlyn to Dr But Sherlyn said that she will go with Sanjana. Prithvi left after Sherlyn went out and Pammi noticed all this. She called Rishabh and asks him to call Sherlyn so that he can see where is his wife. Kritika arrived at Dr house. On the other hand, Srishti and Sameer tried to meet Karan. They sneak inside. Police scolded them. Srishti got angry. She leaves. And Preeta told Rakhi that Karan has shifted to the other jail. Later they saw Karan Luthra house and found out that he break the jail. And Srishti planned this.

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