Kundali bhagya 14 January 2022 written update – Preeta is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta thinks what nagre has said to her. On the other hand, Karan and Prithvi are fighting with each other. Prithvi tells her that preeta has killed his daughter and she Destroyed his family. Karan gets angry on him and started beating him. Prithvi ask her how dare he to slap him? Karan says that is he says anything else about him, Preeta or pihu then he will not spare him. Prithvi says that he can’t do anything to him because he is the owner of this house. Then Karan and Prithvi both started fighting.

Kareena and Rakhi tries to stop them. Kareena shouts and ask Karan to stop. She ask Sameer to bring first aid for Karan. Prithvi ask everyone that if they want to stay in this house then they have to live according to him. Kritika gets emotional when she sees that Prithvi’s hand got hurt. She tells him that she will do his first aid. Kareena is shouting at Karan and ask him why he does all this? She ask him to think about her mother. She says that he only cares about him and preeta.

Karan says it’s not like that. She says that he is their last hope that he will make things right. Karan says sorry to her and says that he loves her and next time he will not fight with Prithvi bit he will not do things according to him. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he needs her help. She ask him about Preeta. He says that soon Preeta’s chapter is going to over. He says he asked those people to kill her. The people who took Preeta with her are not police officers they are the man of nagre.

They got stuck at a point. One of the woman says that she don’t want to get involve.in this matter. She says this because she sees real police officer. They started following them. Preeta gets to know that they are the men of nagre. She ask them to leave her and says that she will give them more money than nagre. She continuously tries to save herself but they didn’t listen to her. They takes the jeep at a point and get out of it. Preeta thinks that they are helping her but they pushed her car into a cliff.

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