Kundali bhagya 16 May 2022 written update: Rishabh is in jail

At the beginning of the episode, Karan is driving and Natasha is with him. Natasha says that today he is looking very upset. She says that she can’t see him like this. She tells him that the day Preeta get back back in Luthra house he is changed for good. He stopped drinking alcohol. She tells him that he should talk to Preeta maybe he will feel better. She says that he can also talk to him. He says to Natasha that he loves Preeta so much and she is the one who broke his heart. 

He was driving rashly. Natasha ask him to stop the car and then they will talk. He didn’t stopped the car and hit the truck. He got outside the car to check the driver whether he is okay. The driver says that what if he died. He says to Karan that he is drunk. He calls the police and ask them to come. Natasha tries to stop him but he didn’t. Then Police takes them away in police station. Driver filed the complaint against Karan. Natasha says to police officer that she is the wife of Karan and they were having an argument and that’s why he got distracted and by mistake hit the truck.

Natasha settle out the matter by talking to driver and giving him her jewellery. On the other hand Someone throws a parcel in the Sherlyn’s room. She takes that in the Prithvi’s room. Preeta goes to Sherlyn room and sees that her window is broke. She says that her doubt was right someone ha throw something in Sherlyn’s room and she took that in Prithvi’s room. Prithvi opens the parcel and sees that there was a CD and a number was written. With that it was written that he have to receive the call by this number.

Sherlyn plays the CD. In that CD Rishabh was there in the jail. He got to know that he was hanged to death after 7 days. He is in Dubai’s jail. Then Prithvi received the call. The man says to him that his boss told him that he will not handle these trivial matters. He says that he has to give him 50 crores otherwise he will be given life sentence. He tells him the case is also strong against Rishabh. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that from where he will arrange this much of money. He says that he wants to get those property papers of Dubai signed by him. He says that he can’t let him die. Prithvi calls Sourabh to give him money. He says that he can’t give him money without the permission of Preeta.

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