Kundali bhagya 17 June 2021 Written Update -Police arrived at Luthra house

Zee Tv’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi goes to Karan to harass him. He is taunting Karan. Due to which Karan gets upset and angrily pushes Prithvi. Kritika comes there and stands shocked seeing all this. She goes to Prithvi and takes care of him. She also apologizes to him on Karan’s behalf. Karan is still standing in anger.

There Mahira comes to Pammi. She is angry because Pammi told her a false story about her father. So she gets irritated with Pammi and scolds her. Pammi also gets angry. She clearly explains to Mahira that it will be better for her if she stays away from Karan and Sameer. Mahira is shocked to hear her words. She wonders why Pammi is taking Sameer’s name.

There Dadi calls Rakhi. Dadi tells Rakhi that she has done right by hiding their son Karan. But someone has informed the police that Karan is with them, then they have to be careful. Rakhi gets scared. She informs everyone about it and they leave the villa and come to Dadi and Kareena’s house.

However, Prithvi once again calls the police and tell them that Karan and his family have left the Old Villa and returned to the Luthra house. As soon as this information is received, the police come to Luthra house. Girish who is standing on the terrace sees the police and goes to the Luthra. He tells them that the police has arrived.


Mahesh turns red with anger. He scolds Rakhi and others because they are doing wrong. And now this topic will defame the Luthra family by media. Rakhi wants to tell Karan that he needs to be careful but she is unable to meet him or warn him. Prithvi informs Sherlyn that he has called the police.

Sherlyn notifies him that she gets scared seeing Karan. Prithvi advises her not to worry. The police come inside the house and ask Preeta where is Karan. Rakhi tries to handle Preeta. While the police contingent starts searching for Karan. Inspector along with Rakhi and Preeta goes to Preeta’s room to find Karan.

Srishti apologizes to Mahesh but Dadi and Kareena believe that what Srishti did was right. However, Mahira starts talking nonsense and taunts Srishti. Pammi advises her to keep quiet. There Prithvi looks upset as he is unable to find Karan. He thinks that he will have to send Karan to jail at any cost.

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