Kundali bhagya 2 December 2021 written update – Vinod takes the help of the police

At the beginning of the episode, Sameer goes to find Sonakshi in her room. Sherlyn follows him. She tries to distract the mind of Sameer. She asks him what is he doing here? He says that obviously, he is trying to find Sonakshi. Sherlyn says that didn’t he hear that kidnapper was telling them that She saw Sonakshi in the temple. He says that isn’t it weird that the kidnapper goes to the temple and also knows the name of Sonakshi. Sherlyn says that kidnappers research about the family background before doing the kidnapping.

Karan goes to give money to the kidnapper. Sonakshi follows him with another man. She says that she takes him With her because she can’t come in front of Karan because he will easily recognize her voice. Sonakshi is following his car. She asks that man to keep the distance between their car. Preeta sits in the Diggy of the car. She says that no one can stop her from going there. She says that Pihu needs her and she will get happy after seeing her. Sonakshi calls him. Karan ask her how did she get to know where is he?

She ask him to throw his phone. He says that he will switch off his phone. Then Sonakshi asks him to transfer the money in another bag. She says that she knew in his bag vinod had put the tracker. She ask him to throw that bag in the green dustbin. Then Vinod calls the police. He tells him that he needs his help in a case. He says that the daughter of Karan Luthra is kidnapped. He says that he needs him to track the car of Karan. He asks him to follow Karan so that he can catch the kidnapper.

police go behind the car of Karan. The police have done the blockade. Sonakshi ask the driver to go straight otherwise police will doubt them. She kept a gun with her. That man comes out of the car. Karan also reaches there. He asks him where is Pihu. He ask him to first give him the money. Then Karan gives him the money. Police reach there, Sonakshi sees the police and goes away from there and in thanks, time preeta has shifted in the car of Sonakshi. That man tried to shoot Karan. So the police fired him. He died. Karan shouts at a police officer. Sonakshi says that now police will also get involved in this case.

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