Kundali bhagya 21 January 2022 written update: Sherlyn found Prithvi

At the beginning of the episode, Karan tells Preeta that he got so worried for her and here she is behaving like he is one sided lover. She says that she don’t have time to talk about this love and all. Karan gets irritated and goes away. Preeta says that she feels good that Karan still loves her. Sherlyn and Natasha not behaving nicely with janki. Janki gets angry on them. She tells her that she can read that on their face that they both are very clever. She says that if they do anything to Preeta then she will not spare them. 

She tells Sherlyn that whatever she has done to preeta two years she still remember that. She says that now she is with her and if she does anything to her then she have to face consequences. When she goes away Natasha and Sherlyn goes to a room. There Natasha tells her that she have to do something to get rid of Preeta and her family. Sherlyn tells her that she will make a story in front of everyone and ask Natasha to leave. Natasha says what about her money? Sherlyn says that she didn’t done the work which they asked her to do so she will not get money.

In that room they found Prithvi. He is inside the cupboard. Sherlyn ask Natasha to bring water and make Prithvi conscious. Prithvi ask her what is he doing here? He says that he don’t remember anything. Then Sherlyn tells him everything that how preeta ruined his party. He says that he will take revenge from her for this. When they both goes away Natasha says to herself that she will not go anywhere until she got her money. She says that now everyone will see the other side of her which is not sweet.

Janki and kritika collides with eachother. Janki says that she is feeling bad for her because of what Prithvi did to her and he is also not a nice man. Kritika says it’s not like that. She says that Prithvi has handled this house and also he is letting everyone live here even after getting all the property named to him. She says that Mahesh also must have believed that Prithvi is a responsible man that’s why he give all the authority of his business to Prithvi.

She says that Preeta is the one who has ruined their live because she is very clever. She says that she have so much to say but she don’t want to spoil her mood. Janki says that Everyone has gone mad in this house. She sees Preeta and stops her mad ask her to be careful of everyone in this house. Preeta ask her to not worry as now she is changed.

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