Kundali bhagya 24 January 2022 written update: Prithvi confronts Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Janki tells Preeta that she should stay aware of the plans of Sherlyn and Natasha. She says that they both are very clever and can do anything with her. Preeta asks her to not worry. She says that now she has changed. She is not old Preeta who only protects her family because this time she will also ruin the life of her enemies. She says she will handle everything. Janki says that she knows this and if she needs any help then she is always there for her.

Karan asks Sameer what happened to him as he is looking upset. Sameer says that Srishti is not talking to him because of the fight which they had 2 years ago. Karan asks him to go and say I’m sorry and I love you to her. He ask him to go behind her until she again started talking to him. Sameer says okay and thanks to him for the advice. Natasha stops Prithvi and Sherlyn and tells them that this time she will do something to Preeta. Prithvi says that she can’t do anything. She says that he doesn’t know her then.

She says that she came into this house to go closer to Karan and for that they are going to give her money but Preeta has ruined everything. She says that now she will show them who she is? She asks them to wait and watch what she is going to do with Preeta. Prithvi asks Sherlyn what is she going to do? Sherlyn says that she doesn’t know then Prithvi got angry at her. Then Prithvi sees Preeta and confronts for ruining his party and for taking over his project.

Preeta asks him is he feeling scared after seeing her fine. Prithvi says that he is not scared of anyone. Preeta says this is what he is saying but in his face, it is clearly visible how scared he is. She says that she wants to see him hurt and broke and that’s why she is letting him live in this house. She says she will feel relieved when she t see that his ego is hurting. She says he is nobody and just an employee of hers. She can let him out of this house whenever she wants and goes away. Prithvi says to himself that now he will not stop Natasha from doing anything to Preeta.

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