Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 31st January 2023 Written Update, Episode begins with Rakhi tells them that she trust Karan. Srishti tells her that Arjun is pretending like a good person. She says that she is sure Arjun will throw them out of the house after marriage. Arjun comes there and tells them that he never betrays people. He says that he won’t throw them out of the house after marriage. He informs them that he will transfer all of his properties on Preeta’s name to prove that he won’t betray Luthras. He calls Rohan and asks him to transfer Luthra house and Luthra industries on Preeta’s name. He tells him to transfer half of his properties on Preeta’s name. Luthra ladies and Anjali gets shocked hearing him. He tells Preeta to get ready for marriage and he goes to get ready.

Prithvi gets pissed off that Anjali is not picking his call. Meanwhile, Mahesh asks Rishabh that if the latter is fine. Rishabh tells him that he feel Arjun is Karan. Mahesh asks him to not talk like Rakhi. Rishabh tells him that he felt Karan’s presence when he hugged Arjun. Anjali overhears their conversation. On the other hand, Goons chases Prithvi and catches him. Prithvi pleads for last chance to return the money. Goon gives him a day and leaves from there.

Mahesh asks Rishabh that if the latter has any proof. Rishabh tells him that Prithvi tried to instigate him agianst Arjun so now he is sure Arjun is Karan. He reveals that Arjun’s fingerprints got matched with Karan and even Rakhi saw birth mark of Karan on Arjun’s body. He says that everything can’t be coincidence. Anjali leaves from there. Mahesh tells Rishabh that he will beat Arjun up if it turned out to be true then. Rishabh tells him that Preeta also felt Arjun is Karan that’s why she agreed for this marriage. Mahesh wonders that why Arjun did not reveal his identity to them.

Later, Preeta gets ready as bride. Rakhi blesses her. She says that she is happy Preeta got her love and she got her son. Preeta tells Srishti to accept that Arjun is Karan. Srishti asks her that if Arjun is Karan then why he is not telling the truth. Preeta tells her that they will know the reason.

Prithvi picks Anjali’s call and scolds her for not picking his calls. Anjali tells him that Rishabh started believing that Arjun is Karan due to the latter. She scolds him. He tells her that he won’t help her. She tells him that she don’t need his help and disconnects the call.

Rishabh goes to Arjun’s room. He recalls the moments he shared with Karan. He tells Arjun that he respect Preeta’s love for Karan. He says that he shared respect relationship with Preeta. Arjun tells him that he don’t want to talk to him about Preeta. He says that he is getting late and leaves the room. Rakhi takes Arjun with her.

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