Kundali bhagya 5 April 2021 Written Update – Sherlyn wants to kill the whole Luthra family

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta tries to wakeup Prithvi. Sherlyn is watching them behind the door. Dadi is happy to see Mahesh all good. She thanks God for curing her child. Rakhi comes there with Jalebi. She asks him to eat it. He happily takes a bite and then feeds it to Rakhi wishing happy holi. Mahira on the other hand plans to inject Mahesh thinking no one will find out that she does it as she has holi colour all over her face. She smirks. Kareena wishes Mahesh happy holi. There, Sherlyn thinks why he has eaten bhang, when he had knew that he is in the Luthra house. While Preeta is trying hard to wakeup Preeta.

Otherside, all are happy while Mahesh asks Karan to get Srishti and Preeta here. Karan nods in yes. Mahira says soon you are going to go die Mahesh Luthra. Preeta calls Prithvi and asks why you want to marry Kritika, do you want to get some kind of revenge. He says yes. Preeta records the video. Next, she asks him why you want to take revenge on us. He is about to spill but Karan comes there and asks all of them to come with him, as Mahesh is asking for them. Preeti leaves with him. The later duo performs the dance. While Srishti and Sameer ask Prithvi some questions but he says nothing. Srishti thinks to call Preeta. So she leaves the room. Sameer is still in the room with Prithvi. Sherlyn says it would have been better if Sameer would have gone too. Srishti asks Preeta to come with her. Preeta says okay. While Injection falls from Mahira’s hand.

She gets upset but then notice Pawan there and thinks why he has come here. Preeta comes to Prithvi along with Karan. Srishti says only Preeta can make Prithvi speak. Karan says let me try it. He tries to wake him up. But Prithvi doesn’t respond. Srishti asks Preeta to do it. Preeta asks him why you wants to marry Kritika, tell me. Prithvi responds and says he wants to take revenge from Mahesh and wants to kill him. But his words are not clear so they don’t understand his words. Sherlyn gets so restless that she thinks to kill the whole Luthra family in one go. There Pawan asks Mahesh if he has seen Prithvi. Mahesh tries to recognise him.

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