Kundali bhagya 5 May 2021 Spoiler – Lawyer gets a strong evidence

Kundali Bhagaya is making their audience stick to their chairs. In the previous episode, we saw that Karan comes to meet Preeta. Preeta asks him that the visiting hours are over then how did he come here. Karan then reveals that Sushila has helped him. He further tells Preeta that he has come to know who murdered Akshay. He tells her that he went to meet Ruchika. Then he comes to know that Megha has killed Akshay. He tells that Ruchika is also ready to help them now. Preeta says but will Megha come to court. Karan assures her that he will bring Megha.

Karan further tells the lawyer that he comes to know who the murderer is.The lawyer also wants to know who has murdered Akshay. Karan then tells him that he met Ruchika last night and she tells him that Megha has killed Akshay. But the lawyer suspects that Ruchika is Akshay’s murderer. He asks Karan to bring both Ruchika and Megha to court. Karan agrees.

There Srishti and Sameer go to meet Megha. Srishti then lures her with money so that she comes to court with her. Megha also agrees to go to court with her in the greed for money. Further, Ruchika has also reached the court and then she waits for Megha. Srishti comes with Megha. Then Preeta also arrives there and Karan goes to meet her. He embraces Preeta.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Karan will Promise everyone that He will bring her out of the jail. Then the lawyer will submit a shred of strong evidence in the court, which will help Preeta.

Will Karan take out Preeta from the jail?

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