Kundali bhagya 6 April 2021 Spoiler – Mahesh reveals shocking truth

Kundali Bhagaya is making their audience to stick with their chairs with it’s an amazing storyline. In the episode, we saw that Luthra are having fun in Holi party. While Preeta is trying hard to make Prithvi spills the beans. But then only Karan asks her to come with him as a father is calling for you. She leaves while Srishti is taking care of Prithvi. Then they starts recording the video of Prithvi in which he is talking about revenge. Sherlyn gets so restless and she thinks to kill the whole Luthra family just to hide her truth. On the other hand, Mahira is also trying hard to inject Mahesh but her attempts are going in the drain. Then only Mahesh meets Pawan.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sherlyn says Pawan will kill Mahesh to Mahira. While Srishti and all are with Prithvi. Sherlyn comes to them and says that Mahesh wants to meet you guys. Later Mahesh will tell Luthras that someone wants to kill him. Will Mahesh tells that Sherlyn is the one who is trying to harm him?

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