Kundali bhagya 7 April 2021 Spoiler – Mahesh looses his cool

Kundali Bhagaya is making their audience to stick with their chairs with it’s the amazing storyline. In the episode saw that Sherlyn says to Mahira that Pawan will kill Mahesh. While Pawan is behind Mahesh. While Srishti and all are with Prithvi. Sherlyn comes to them and says that Mahesh wants to meet you guys. Later Mahesh tells Luthras that someone wants to kill him. All stands shocked. Prithvi gains his senses and find out that Preeta is playing with him and tries to get information from him. But Sherlyn has saved him. Later he stands shocked to see that Mahesh Luthra is standing in his own feets.

In the upcoming episode we Will see that Mahesh will asks Karan that who wants to harm his family, tell his name, he will ruin him. Karan asks Suresh to take him to his room. While Preeta and Prithvi tells Sherlyn and Kritika about CCTV footage. They says they will be caught by the police if they find out then in that footage. What will Preeta do now.

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