Kundali bhagya 9 June 2021 Written Update -Shrelyn wants to ruin Luthras

Zee Tv’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Sarla goes to meet Karan in jail. Preeta is also with her. Sarla meets an officer and says to him that she wants to meet Karan. And asks why they sifted Karan here. Officer doesn’t want to give her any answer and he asks her to leave. Sarla stands adamants and demands to let her meet Karan. Officer gets angry and asks Preeto to take her mother from here.

Preeta tries to calm him down and asks Sarla to come with her. They then leave from there. While on the other hand Sherlyn looks upset due to Megha’s demand. She wonders how will she give 70lakhs to Megha. Rakhi is passing by and sees tensed Sherlyn so she goes in her room.

She sits near Sherlyn and wants to know why she is looking so upset. She adds that she saw many times her sad face. Shrelyn says nothing. While Prithvi tries to hear their words. Shrelyn says to Rakhi that she is missing Sanjana and wanna meet her, also she is not feeling well enough.


Rakhi says okay and calls Dr so that they can visit the hospital and finds out what is wrong with her health. She leaves then. Prithvi appears to Sherlyn and rebukes her as she talked so sweetly to Rakhi. While Sherlyn says that she was just pretending to be nice to her. And all she wants to get her revenge from Luthra and will ruin them. She asks if he will come her to the hospital. He says fine.

On the other hand, Srishti wonders if Sameer loves her or not. So she calls Sameer and he picks up the phone in a while. She asks him if loves her and cares for her. He is amazed with her question. Srishti turns the talk and asks him to join her to the police stations.

In the morning, Sherlyn asks him to meet visit Dr Deepali. Prithvi doesn’t want to go. She scolds him. After this, Kritika wants to have lunch date with her friend and her friend is Dr Deepali and only. On the other hand, Sameer is ready to go with Srishti to the jail.

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