Kundali bhagya written update 20 July 2021 Rakhi visits Sarla

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi thinks that Preeta is pregnant. She tells this to Dadi. Karan wants to know why they are so happy when Rakhi informs him that Preeta is pregnant and he is about to become a father. Everyone seems happy except Sherlyn. Preeta comes from the bathroom. Rakhi congratulates her. Kritika wants to know if Rakhi is assured. Rakhi replies yes because according to her whenever girls are going to become mothers, there is a different glow on the girl’s face which is also on Preeta’s face.

Dadi hugs Rakhi and reminds her how Rakhi too had fallen from the stairs and later they came to know that she is about to become a mother. Dadi and Kareena go to inform Mahesh about this news. While Rakhi wants to meet Sarla so that she can share this good news with her. Kritika is also happy that she is going to become Bhua and she wants to give this news to Prithvi. Karan sits beside her. Preeta wants him to confirm it once. Then someone calls Karan.

Preeta asks him to pick up the phone and advises that they will talk later. Here Rakhi comes to Sarla’s house. Janki is shocked to see her. Sarla asks her how did she come. Rakhi tries to scare them lying there is a fight between Preeta and Karan as Preeta is gaining weight. Janki wants to know if Karan is having an affair with another girl. Rakhi starts laughing.


She notifies them that Preeta is gaining weight as Preeta is about to become a mother. Sarla becomes happy and Rakhi feeds her sweets. Rakhi invites them to attend the party. Dadi is tying black thread in Preeta’s hand so that the evil eye stays away from Preeta. Dadi also instructs Karan not to disturb Preeta. There Sherlyn informs Prithvi that Preeta is pregnant. She also informs him that he is in Dubai because she has sent him there.

Prithvi gets angry with this land puts her call on hold. Just then Kritika calls him and tells her about Preeta. Later, Sherlyn calls Prithvi and scolds him because he was talking to Kritika. Here Srishti and Sarla share an emotional moment. Then she decides to go to the Luthra house. Here Sherlyn angrily disconnects the phone and Prithvi again calls Kritika. Kritika then tells him that she doesn’t like Sherlyn as she saw him talking to Rishabh and talking angrily. Prithvi asks hernot to do such things. Kritika hangs up the phone as she doesn’t like it when Prithvi takes Sherlyn’s side.

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