Kundali bhagya written update 23 January 2022 weekly

Kundali Bhagya is a Hindi romantic TV show where Karan forgets his friendship and love with Preeta after she fails to stop Rishabh’s marriage with Sherlyn. He holds her responsible for all the troubles his family faced due to this. He marries Preeta to take revenge and later decides to marry Mahira to hurt her even more. Fate, however, has other plans for them.

Last week we saw that, jeep falls into the cliff. Preeta is unconscious so they thought that she is dead. They clicks the picture of preeta and sent it to Prithvi and informs him that Preeta is dead. Sherlyn listens Karan talking to Sameer that something wrong has happened with Preeta. Then they both goes to police station. Sherlyn tells this to Prithvi. He says no one will doubt him because he will prove this that Karan has killed preeta. On the other hand, Preeta wakes up and tried to get rid of that handcuff and she succeeded. Karan goes to police station and ask them about Preeta.

Prithvi tells Everyone that today they have to behave nicely in front of his guest as if they loves him a lot. He says that he will Tell everyone that kritika is his wife. He introduces everyone to his investor. He says that he loves his family and everyone treats him as he is the son of their family. Later, Karan also arrived there with police, because police have doubt on Nagre. Then Nagre goes in stage and says that now he will introduce them with the strength and pillar of this house who is a one woman show Mrs. Preeta luthra. Preeta says thanks to everyone for coming here and respecting her. She says that now Luthra’s will enter into the construction business also. She shows the presentation to everyone. Sherlyn thinks what preeta is doing here and where is Prithvi. She goes to see him.

One of the journalist ask her about Mahesh. she says that he has taken a break from the business. She says but the credit for everything goes to him. Sherlyn sees nagre and ask him where is Prithvi and why he supported Preeta? He says that he don’t have any choice other than to support her. He tells her that she saw her sister who tricks Prithvi to make him fall unconscious. When he goes to confront them, she threatens him that if he will not support her then she will show the recording of him to police which she has in that pen. She also told him that she will tell the police that he and Prithvi also tried to kill her.

Kareena sees Rakhi and janki together. She tells this to bani and says that preeta has ruined everything. Sameer comes and interrupts. He says that preeta is much better than Prithvi. He says that they all know how Prithvi was treating them and also today preeta saved the name of luthra industries. he says that she used to say that she will save everything but she couldn’t and then preeta comes and helping them.

Sherlyn tells Natasha that she will make a story in front of everyone and ask Natasha to leave. Natasha says what about her money? Sherlyn says that she didn’t done the work which they asked her to do so she will not get money. In that room they found Prithvi. He is inside the cupboard. Prithvi ask her what is he doing here? Then Sherlyn tells him everything that how preeta ruined his party. He says that he will take revenge from her for this.

How will Prithvi take revenge from Preeta?

This is the weekly update of your favourite show Kundali bhagya.

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