Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12 June 2021 Spoiler -Kuldeep brings a doctor

In the upcoming episode, Kuldeep will come with a doctor and will tell everyone that she’s a very good child therapist. Therefore she will treat his son Rishi. Shubhra will be shocked. He wanna know if Shubhra doesn’t want best for Rishi then this Dr is the best. So she will be Rishi’s doctor.

What will Shubhra do now?

Up till now, Kuldeep goes out of the room of Shubhra and also apologises to her as Samayra created a ruckus. Samayra is shocked to see Shubhra with a good looking man like Harsh. She thinks that Shubhra is having affair with Harsh. Kuldeep explains that her thinking is wrong because Harsh is only treating Rishi. Samayra doesn’t believe it. Kuldeep gets a call so he leaves from there. Samayra wants to embarrass Shubhra so she moved towards her. She greets Harsh. While Harsh asks her to join them at the breakfast table. She refuses to say if she will join, Shubhra will lose her appetite. Shubhra looks on. Samayra keeps spilling nonsense. Then Harsh takes stand for Shubhra. Later Narayan wants to marry Shubhra to Harsh and Kuldeep hears it.

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