Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 12 June 2021 Written Update – Kuldeep brings new Dr for Rishi

At the beginning of the episode, Rishi holds Harsh’s leg and asks him not to leave. Kuldeep is watching them. Shubhra too says to Harsh that he should stay here. Harsh asks Rishi to get up and announces that he won’t leave. Rishi looks so happy. Harsh and Rishi then getaway. Kuldeep looks unhappy. On the other hand, Samayra comes to meet Chandrani. She knocks on the door.

Chandrani opens it. She gets disappointed seeing Samayra there. Samayra says she should smile seeing her future daughter in law. Chandrani adds that she won’t accept her as her daughter in law. After this Chandrani asks her to return her bangles. Samayra throws it. Chandrani knew that she would do something like this.

She picks up bangles and asks Samayra to leave. Samayra stands only there. Furious Chanrani leaves from there as she won’t see her. On another side, Kuldeep introduces Dr Upasna to Shubhra. He adds that she is the best Dr and from now on she will treat Rishi. Shubhra informs her that Dr Harsh is treating Rishi and according to her, he best for her son.

Upasna agrees that Harsh is best and she also knows him. Shubhra excuses herself. Kuldeep goes behind her. He wanna know why she always wants to support Harsh. She adds because her son likes his company.

She leaves and Samayra wanna know why Kuldeep has a problem with Harsh. Firki thinks he wants Shubhra back. There Madura gives divorce papers to Chandrani saying that Shubhra wanna leave Kuldeep. Chandrani wants to talk to Shubhra. There, Samayra wanna know how Shubhra is managing two men. Shubhra gives a solid reply to her nonsense questions. Samayra gets angry.