Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 13 June 2021 Weekly Written Update

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is a show about the love of Pratigya and Krishna. Pratigya is an educated girl and she is a public prosecutor. She believes in justice and her husband Krishna always supports her. Nine years later after her marriage she finds herself conflicted between her duty and her emotions.

Last week we saw that, Krishna reaches at hotel to help Pratigya. She thanks him. Sumitra ask him from where he is coming at this time. He tells her secretary called him to resolve some issues. Then Sumitra ask him to invite her secretary for lunch. Next days, Krishna ask her to come at his house for lunch. Pratigya tries to refuse but he forces him so much. Pratigya decided to go there, Kesar saw her and stops her. She ask her to go back. Krishna is eagerly waiting for her. He even tried to call her but she didn’t pick up his call.

Krishna gets angry and fires Pratigya from her job. Pratigya tried to explain him that she met with an accident that’s why she is not able to come, but he didn’t believe her. While Shakti goes somewhere to give money to someone, Aadarsh comes and snatches away the money from Shakti. Krishna feels bad after this, so he get her back to the job. Pratigya ask him to say sorry but he refuses. Later he gave her the saree as surprise gift.

Aadarsh tries to frame Shakti saying that he was giving money to someone. Thakur ask Aadarsh to handle all the work of Shakti. The same shopkeeper came to Thakur’s house to sell the saree and Informs Meera that Krishna has brought a saree and he send it to the hotel. Later, Meera confronts him and ask him if he gave that saree to her secretary. He says yes. Meera cries and go to her room. Sumitra is shocked. Krishna gets irritated and goes to the bar and he drinks so much. He thinks that why Pratigya is always in her mind and he can’t Stop thinking about her.


He decided to call her. Pratigya thinks something is wrong and ask him where is he and then cuts the call. Sumitra goes to advice Meera and says she will not get anything by crying. She tells her that a woman can control his husband and there are two ways to do. Either she can control him by her tears or by her love. Meanwhile an angry shakti locks Kriti and Garv in a store room. Pratigya goes to help Krishna and drives the car to drop him home. Then they reaches at his house and Pratigya is helping him, she gets closer to him and Meera, who is standing in her balcony sees everything.

He is murmuring about Pratigya that he want a wife like her. Meera gets upset at this. Next day, Kriti and Garv were so scared. Krishna thinks Shakti has done this to them and he warns everyone that this won’t happen again. Krishna takes Aadarsh with him to the hotel. There Pratigya is shocked to see him. Then Pratigya told him everything about what happened in the last one and half years. Krishna receives a call from Sumitra she ask him to come home as Meera is fainted. When Krishna reaches home, she says that only on one condition she will eat if Krishna calls her secretary and fires her from the job.