Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 16 June 2021 Written Update -Krishna rescues Pratigya

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Sajjan Singh ask Meera does Pratigya has come to the vath savitri pooja? Meera says yes, she has and helped me. Meera says that I told her Krishna is my husband and she is never gonna leave him. Sumitra says How can she survive even after such a big accident? Meera begs in front of Sajjan Singh and ask him to do something. She says I never asked you anything but today I want your help. If she died and became alive then I’m still alive? Meera says I can’t lose krishna.

He says you don’t have to worry and go in your room. Then Sumitra scolds Kesar and slaps her. Sajjan Singh ask Sumitra to lock Kesar in a room and don’t give the food. Sajjan Singh calls someone and says Pratigya is alive. He says find her at any cost and kill her. He thinks that now Krishna’s memory should not come back. Pratigya is feeling and was going to home. When she reaches home she finds that some goons are there and wanted to kill her. She runs to save herself.

On the other hand, Krishna is also thinking about her. He thinks why he cares so much about Pratigya. Pratigya is running to save herself but got a cut from knife on her shoulder and she collides with Krishna’s car. He sees her and save her from those goons by beating them. A man comes and tells Sajjan Singh that the work you gave is complete and she must have been killed and thrown in the river. Sumitra gets happy after listening this. Sajjan Singh says now Meera will live peacefully.


Sumitra calls Meera and tell her that Pratigya has gone from her life permanently. Meera gets happy. When everyone is celebrating their happiness, Krishna comes home with Pratigya. Everyone is shocked to see this. Meera says how could this happen? She says they have have told her that now Pratigya will never come in their life but Krishna brings her home. Krishna takes Pratigya to his room and puts her on the bed. Krishna ask Meera to bring first aid box. Sumitra says she will do this but he denies.

He ask Pratigya to take some rest. Then he calls someone and ask him to find who tries to kill Pratigya. Sumitra ask him to calm down. She says now she doesn’t work with him then why he is taking so much load for her. He says I know she doesn’t work with me now, but there is a thing called humanity and that’s why he is helping her. Pratigya comes downstairs and says she is going now. Krishna stops her. Sumitra says why is he stopping her and let her go. Krishna says she survived today but the danger has also increased on her. He says it’s my house and I have decided that she will live here.