Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 19 April 2021 Written Update – Shakti reveals the truth to Pratigya

At the beginning of the episode, When Pratigya is taking Garv for the hand painting Sajjan Singh stops her and gives her a warning as he holds her at a gunpoint. Pratigya asks Sajjan Singh why are you pointing this gun towards me. Shakti comes and tells her that your son Garv which seems to be so innocent is the one who does the accident of the son of Balvant Tyagi. Pratigya is shocked. As soon as she heard this her eyes got teary. She is starting at Krishna. She asks him is it true and if it is true then why don’t you tell me about this. I’m his mother it is my right to know what is happening with Garv.

She comes to know that everyone knows about this except her. She gets angry and asks Krishna why you do this to me. After she started crying, Kriti comes and tries to console her. Komal comes and says we know that you are his mother but we have do all this to save Garv. And we all know that when it comes to law you don’t even see whether it is your family or not you become blind and do everything according to the law. That’s Why we don’t tell anything to you. She says that yesterday Krishna was trying to distract you so that we can burn the reports but you are so Intelligent and hide the original report. Krishna stops Komal. When Pratigya asks Krishna that what mistake did she made that he did not tell her anything. Then Sajjan Singh you should ask yourself as why Garv told everything to Krishna and not you.

Sajjan Singh says it’s my order and warning to you that you should leave this case and let me handle this according to me. Pratigya says that you always support me and now without any mistake of mine you are giving me a warning. She says you all have abandoned me. Pratigya says now she will not let anyone do something against law. This is not a murder but all have made it look like a murder. Garv is just 7 years old and there is no punishment for a 7 years old child. If you have told me earlier then I can prove him right in the court and save him and I can him now also.

Pratigya says it is my son I’ll decide what to do. Sajjan Singh says don’t teach us the law and we are not scared of the law we are scared of Balvant Tyagi who wants revenge and can also kill Garv. Komal also says now should do everything according to us. Pratigya says how long will you be able to keep everything hidden one day or the other everything will be known. Then Krishna how will it going to happen we won’t tell anything to Balvant. Pratigya tells that come with me to the police station and tell me everything to them. When she about to leave Sajjan Singh warns her and Komal closes the door.