Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 5 May 2021 Spoiler – Pratigya is leaving the house

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama. In the previous episode we see that Krishna is so angry Pratigya tries to calm him down. He says I understand everything that she is trying to involve in my family and always roam around me. Pratigya says she is a orphan so she just like the environment of our family. She is a nice girl who cares for you and also she respect our love. After this Pratigya, Garv and Samar are playing ludo and Meera comes to her room. She sees a saree of Pratigya and likes then Pratigya says keep it you will look good in this. Pratigya says you can use my washroom. When Meera comes out of the washroom suddenly lights goes off. Krishna comes in the room and thinks that Pratigya is standing in the saree. So he hugs her but when he hugs her he realises that she is not Pratigya and when he lights the candle he comes to know that she is Meera. He gets so angry. He says she is a very shameless girl as she tries to come in my room and wears Pratigya’s saree. Today she has crossed all the limits. Then Pratigya shouts at him and says I give her that saree to wear and you should think before you speak to a girl. Pratigya ask Krishna to say sorry to Meera bit he denies. Meera is crying so much so Pratigya goes to her room and consoles her. Meera says that I think I have crossed limits after wearing your saree as Krishna cannot see any other girl in your clothes. Pratigya says that one day you will get the love and family like Krishna. Then Pratigya says to Sumitra that you see how Krishna reacts when Meera wears my clothes. But Sumitra says I know it is difficult but you can do it.

In the next episode we will see that, Krishna sees the tablets and reports of Pratigya and ask her what is this. Then Pratigya packs her bag and says I can’t live with you as I feel suffocated with you.

Why Pratigya is leaving the house? Will Krishna be able to stop her?