Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 5 May 2021 Written Update -Pratigya leaves the room

At the beginning of the episode, Pratigya goes to Krishna and tries to talk to him, but he says please don’t right now don’t tell me what is right and wrong. Pratigya says it is not her fault I gave her the saree to wear and you misbehave without even knowing the truth. You should say sorry to her. Krishna says you are my wife atleast you have to understand this. Pratigya says you have touched her it’s you fault that you are so close to her but still not able to understand that she is not me. Krishna says you don’t care about this thing that I touched someone else. Pratigya says it’s not a big deal and I don’t care. Then she goes away.

While Shakti goes in Meera’s room and says this is not your fault. He says don’t be sad. Why are you mad after Krishna. He is not able to see your beauty. He gives her chocolate and tries to get close to her. He tries to feed her chocolate with his hands and touch her. Meera feels uncomfortable and slaps him. She says if you will do this next time again then I’ll tell everyone and you will not be able to show your face to anyone.

Pratigya is walking in the garden alone but she feels like vomiting so she goes to her room and notices some red patches around her neck. She calls the doctor and he says that it is normal in cancer. He also says that these patches indicate that your cancer is spreading. At night when Krishna tries to convince her and says sorry then Pratigya misbehaves with her. Krishna says why are you talking to me like this. You have never acted like this before.

Pratigya says let me sleep peacefully. Then he says you sleep peacefully. He goes out of the room and falls asleep. Pratigya is trying to find Krishna when she goes in balcony she sees Krishna is sleeping outside. Then Meera comes she is protecting Krishna’s face from the sun rays with the help of her dupatta. Pratigya sees it and thinks that Meera really cares for Krishna. Komal goes to Aadarsh room to give him tea. He says I can do it on my own. Then Komal says if I’m here then I can do it for you. She says women should work in their house and take care of everyone and men should work outside the house. She says I’m not like Pratigya.

Then He says He respects Pratigya because she is a kind of woman who tries to change something. Then Komal says then continue respecting her and goes away. When Krishna comes to his room he sees the tablets and reports of Pratigya and ask her what is this. Then she says she is just having a headache. he says I know you are hiding something from me and I’ll call the doctor to find out. Pratigya says don’t you trust me what will doctor think if you call him. She started fighting with him and packs her bag. She says I’m not leaving house but I can’t live with you in a room because it feels suffocating with you.