Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 7 June 2021 Written Update -Krishna invites Pratigya for lunch

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna reaches at hotel to help her. Then he make those men out of the hotel. Pratigya thanks him. Then he drops her at her house. He indirectly compliments her. So Pratigya says I’ll teach you how to compliment someone. Then she says you should tell me that I’m so brave and you’re amazed to see me. This line hits krishna, Pratigya thinks finally he is able to recall the things and talks that used to be happened between them. Meera and Sumitra are waiting for Krishna as goes without telling them.

When he comes Sumitra ask him where you have gone at this time. Then he tells that her secretary has called him because some problem has arised there but now everything is sorted. Then she says to him that you should invite your secretary for lunch tomorrow so that we can also meet her. Next day Krishna calls Pratigya and ask her about the work, then he tells her that today we will do the lunch together. She gets happy and says will we go out for Lunch together.

Krishna says not outside, as I’m inviting you for lunch at my house because my family wants to meet you. Pratigya tries so much to refuse to go, but he forces her so much. Meera says to Sumitra what if his secretary will not come here. Sumitra says she will definitely come here don’t worry. Pratigya reaches at Thakur’s house, but Kesar sees her and says why you have come here. Then she tells I’m the secretary of Krishna and he invited me for lunch. I try to refuse but he warns me that if I’ll not come then he will fire me from the job.


Kesar says please go if anyone will see you then you will lose all the chances to get krishna and your kids. Krishna is eagerly waiting for Pratigya. Meera gets upset because by the way Krishna is asking for the preparations and the way he is waiting for her. Sajjan Singh ask him to call her but she didn’t pick up his call. Shakti says it seem like you are the secretary and she is the Boss because of the way she is behaving with you. Krishna gets angry and goes away from there.