Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 9 April 2021 Written Update – Pratigya is in a dilemma

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna and Thakur Sajjan Singh receive a call from a blackmailer who says that he will tell balvant Tyagi that the reason behind his son’s death is garv. Krishna asks him what evidence do you have that the accident was happened by the garv? He says that he has video of accident as evidence which he can show to everyone. Blackmailer says that he will save him only if Krishna gives him one crore rupees and also he says that I’ll call you again and tells you that when and where you have to give the mone and cuts the call. After this Garv comes to krishna and says that papa I don’t want to go to school as I’m scared what if someone comes, catches me and takes away. Krishna says why you are scared you don’t have to worry. Me and dadu both are here to save you.

Pratigya goes to Balvant Tyagi’s home and asks his wife about him. She says that without my permission how could you enter my house? And says that Balvant Tyagi is not at home right now. But someone from his house told her that he is in his office. So she goes there and ask him that did you delete the cctv footage? She also says have you kill someone after seeing the cctv footage or are you planning for the same. He gets angry and says talk in low voice in front of me. He says that cctv footage is already deleted when I have reached there. Someone has already deleted it. Because if I had found that footage and I would have come to know about that man, I would have killed him in front of you.

Balvant Tyagi says that you should do the investigation of this case with full honesty, because this case is definitely related to your family members. Pratigya thinks that who would have done all this and goes away. Adarsh sees Komal outside the temple and tries to stop her but she does not stop, so he chases her and goes to her house. Shakti’s wife ask him what happened so he says that he want to return something to krishna. Pratigya comes and he says that he will give it to her. He says that before you and Balvant, Krishna has come to dairy and forgot to his watch so I come here to return this.

Pratigya gets confused and thinks that krishna is helping Shakti. She thinks that what if he is the one who deleted the cctv footage. In the night Pratigya waits for Krishna to come and when he comes she serves him food and says that you should come on time. She asks him that have you met Aadarsh after the accident to which he refuses. Then she says that today Aadarsh has come to return your watch which you have forgotten at his dairy. He gets up from there, but the Pratigya stops him saying that now you have started lying to me. She asks him to swear on her and tell her the truth that why did he go to the Aadarsh’s dairy today.