Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Pallavi wants to know About Raghav’s past

In the upcoming episode, Raghav will lose a game. Pallavi will make fun of him. He will tell Pallavi that he not only lost to her in the game but also in his life. Pallavi will look shocked. Later she will ask Raghav to tell her about his past. Raghav will ask Pallavi why she wants to hear it. Pallavi will say to Raghav that she wants to what had happened in his past.

Up till now, Sulochana leaves the hotel and sits in a taxi. She asks the driver to drop her at the railway station. Raghav shows her his face. She looks shocked. Raghav starts the car and ahead stops in the midway. He put her at gunpoint. Raghav asks her to tell the truth. She accepts her crime and notifies him about her plan that how she stole the necklace and sent Vijay to jail. Raghav wants to send him to jail but because she is Pallavi’s family so he is leaving her on one condition that she should clear the name of Pallavi, as she was the one who ruined Pallavi’s name in front of her family.
Sulochana says she will do it. There Jaya wants to apologise to Raghav so she asks for Pallavi’s help. Pallavi is ready to help him.