Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4 May 2021 Written Update – Pallavi Saved Nikhil

At the beginning of the episode, Pallavi told Raghav that marriage is a holy activity, but for Raghav it’s a silly deal. Pallavi said she is ready for his deal. Pallavi said Raghav have to remove Nikhil from jail first, then she will marry him. Raghav said both the things will happen simultaneously. One side Pallavi will marry to Raghav and on the other side Nikhil will come out from the jail. Pallavi said hs doesn’t believe on his future wife. Raghav said he can never believe in Pallavi. Raghav and Pallavi left from there. Both of them recognizing everything.

Pallavi reached at the hospital. Pallavi found Sharda. Pallavi asked about Vijay’s health. Sharda said Vijay is continuously asking about Nikhil. Pallavi told Nikhil will come tomorrow to meet Vijay at any cost. Sharda get conscious and asked what she did for saving Nikhil. Pallavi said lawyer has helped her to save Nikhil. Sharda become happy Sharda said everything will be fine soon. Sharda told Vijay will soon accept Pallavi. Sharda asked Pallavi to share every problem with her and Vijay. Sharda said they still strong enough to handle everything problem of their children’s life. Pallavi started crying. Pallavi said everything will get changed from tomorrow. Sharda asked Pallavi to stop crying. Sharda promised Pallavi to take her inside the home soon. Pallavi asked Sharda to keep Sharda’s one saree with her. Sharda asked why Pallavi need a saree, if she is their for her everytime. Pallavi and Sharda become emotional.

Faraz decorated room for Pallavi. Raghav get angry on Faraz for these. Inspector arrived at the Raghav’s residence to meet him. Pallavi get inside Vijay’s cabin. Vijay is sleeping. Pallavi is crying. Pallavi touches Vijay’s feet to take blessings from him. Pallavi started crying. Pallavi get out of thw cabin. Suddenly Vijay wake up and said someone has arrived. Sharda said no one arrived and asked him to sleep again. Pallavi reached at Krishna’s home at the midnight. Pallavi handed over the shop’s register and management papers to Krishna. Krishna asked why she is giving these to her? Pallavi said from tomorrow everything will be changed and Vijay will not allow her to come to shop at once. Faraz asked Inspector to leave the Nikhil. Faraz come to pick up Jaya and Kirti for Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage.