Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5 April 2021 Written Update -Pallavi Insults Raghav

At the beginning of the episode, Raghav saw Pallavi and he admires her. But was continuously looking at Pallavi but then suddenly a thought stuck into his mind that Pallavi didn’t like appreciations. Vijay was checking all the arrangements. Pallavi said she had already checked and everything is fine. Vijay said Pallavi has now grown up and so she didn’t need the opinions and suggestions of her elders. Vijay was going. Pallavi holds Vijay’s hand and said she needs his support. Suddenly Vijay saw Raghav and got angry and left the place. Pallavi goes to Raghav and asked him why he came at her house? Raghav said Sulochana invited him there. Raghav and Pallavi started fighting. Raghav suddenly saw Amruta and he asked Amruta to take him inside and give him company. Pallavi stays quiet.

Milind and Sulochana welcomed Mansi’s husband and his family. Mansi’s husband said they have prepared and are more in numbers so they will definitely win the dance competition. Suddenly Pallavi arrived and said they are with Mansi and will definitely beat them. The dance competition started. Nikhil and Amruta do the hosting and first of all Milimd and Sulochana gave a dance performance on the song “Tu cheez Badi hai mast mast”. Raghav saw Aakash and threatens him to stay away from Kirti but suddenly Raghav’s mom arrived and asks Aakash to find Kirti. Raghav’s mother said to Raghav not to interrupt the family function of Deshmukh’s family and ask him to behave maturely. Raghav said he was trying to explain Aakash to stay away from Kirti. Raghav’s mother said Kirti and Aakash are just good friends and nothing else.

Pallavi saw everything between Raghav and his mother. Raghav takes the Idli and Sambhar for his mother but Pallavi stopped him and takes Idli and Sambhar for Jaya. Jaya admires Pallavi in front of Raghav and Pallavi too talked about herself. Pallavi and Jaya started insulting Raghav. Raghav keeps listening to everything and then Raghav got angry and left the place. Jaya started crying and said Raghav do every time he never understands the situation. Jaya reveals that Raghav is her son. Pallavi got shocked. Kirti arrived and said yes Raghav is her brother. Suddenly Krishna arrived and informed Pallavi that something wrong happened. Pallavi gets to know that the consignment she had delivered had some mistakes in it and she needs to recheck it at the moment.