Molkki 4 May 2021 Written Update – A fair deal between Prakashi and Shakshi

Purvi went to the servants’ room and here Shakshi came inside Virender’s room where Purvi use to stay. Virender was wondering that where Purvi went. Mama came to Purvi and saw that she was crying. Mama apologizes to Purvi and told her that the doctor suggested us not say anything in front of Shakshi that’s why I introduced you as servant. Purvi told him that you are like my father and I know whatever you did there would any reason. Mama felt happy and told her that now I am feeling relaxed.

Virender thought of going to Purvi and talk to her bit Shakshi stopped him by telling that I missed you a lot. Virender was thinking what would Purvi doing now. Shakshi asked Virender that what you were doing over there at mandap. Virender lied her that there was a marriage going on and I was having the responsibility of all the arrangements.

Purvi was telling Manas and Juhi to consider me as servant in front of Shakshi as she is mentally ill. Kids told her that after she would get well we will reveal that you are the second mother of ours.

Virender went to Prakashi and asked her why Purvi is staying in servants’ room as there are many rooms in this house. Anjali came there and told him that Shakshi considers her as Servant so she has to stay there or else Shakshi would question and the doctor has suggested us not trouble her. Virender heard all this and went off.

Virender went to Shakshi and asked her that where were you for so long. Shakshi told him that after that accident few villagers took me along with them and treated me. Shakshi recalled about the deal which she did with Prakashi. Prakashi told Shakshi that she would not reveal that she trapped her for 5 years.

Kid’s came to meet Shakshi and Hugged her. Manas was standing far and hiding from her. Shakshi Called him but he was not coming to her. Virender went to Manas and asked him to go Shakshi. Manas told him that my mother is Purvi. Virender told him secretly not to reveal anything as she is not well.

Shakshi was getting ready and found a mangalsutra in the drawer. Shakshi went to Virender and asked him that whose mangalsutra is this? Virender was shocked.