Molkki 6 April 2021 Written Update – Anjali plans to rob Purvi’s jewelry

At the beginning of the episode, Juhi and Manas picked a video call from an unknown number. Suddenly they saw Purvi and get happy. Kids started asking them when you are coming to us, as Anjali is not giving us food and locked us in a room. Purvi tells them not to cry and call Virendra if he is around you. Juhi told her that he went out of Haryana for some work. Anjali was going to kid’s room to have a look on them. Purvi heard that goons are coming so she told kids that would call you in the afternoon time stay near Laptop only.

Anjali came to their room and saw kids were sitting on their bed and praying. Anjali asked them what you all are doing? Juhi told her that Purvi had taught us do pray to God before sleeping. Anjali told them to sleep down after your pray gets over. Kids started insisting her to recite a story bitt she tells them rudely to sleep down. Juhi and Manas scare her by telling that if you won’t do the same then we would call Bheem. Anjali got scared and does what they orders.

The next day Juhi and Manas tease Anjali by telling her various works. Anjali gets exhausted by doing all their works. After sending them to school Anjali tells Jyoti to massage my legs as these kids have troubled me a lot. Prakashi told Anjali that I am  going for treatment of leg sprain so till then take care of the house. Anjali tells her sister that today we would steal all the jewelry of the house and creates a scene that any thief has taken all the jewelry.

Manas and Juhi went to school there his teacher sent him back to home as he seems to be tired. Manas came back home and he was resting in his room. While roaming around Manas saw 2 strangers getting inside the house. Manas thought of taking Purvi’s help to stop those thief’s. Manas made a video call to Purvi and tells her about those thieves. Purvi gave him few instructions. Juhi was thinking about Manas and thought of going back to home. Juhi acted of being ill and requested the class teacher to sent me back home.

Manas was operating the drone and Purvi told him to take this to every room and let me know what happens. Manas saw those thief’s entering the house and Manas was keeping an on them through a drone camera. Manas tells Purvi that they are searching for something in your room. Purvi tells Manas to show me their faces through this camera.